(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Finding Peace Within

Where are your children?
They are awfully quiet this evening.

'We're trying new methods of discipline.
My doctor told me this morning,
I should try yoga to calm my nerves.'

That's great.
So you taught the children?
Is that where they are?
Doing yoga?

'Oh no!
I found an easier way to find peace within.
For a half hour each day...
And for total relaxation,
I tie the kids up and tape their mouths! '

You shouldn't do that.
That's against the law.

'That's where you and I disagree.
I am finding peace within.
And they are helping me locate it!
I told them my doctor suggested I do this,
For at least two weeks.
They believe this is lesson one! '

What is lesson two?

'Total rage!
That is what they will see.
If they forget the rules of lesson one.'

But you're not doing any yoga at all.

'I beg to differ.
It's a slow process.
I am working on my breathing technique.
Calms the nerves!
You should try it.
It's wonderful.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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