Finding The Time To Live

Poem By Sapna Goel

As time flies by

Its not the sagging skin that scares me,

nor the deepening wrinkles,

nor the graying hair or the little sunspots on my face..

what really worries me..

is the undone list of things!

books unread, thoughts un-penned

dances not danced, pictures not sketched

plays un- seen, documentaries un- made

There is so much crammed in my head - unexpressed

Still, remains so much to learn..

To change tyres, repair the light

how to stick to a healthy diet

to sew, knit and cook like a pro

make three somersaults in a row

Run a marathon, cycle, swim

Discipline kids without raising a brow..

Oh! will I ever find the time

To write wacky FB statuses that friends can like'

To climb the mountains I was to scale,

To take those long winding forest trails

Cruise a river, sail through a lake

Reply to the increasing stack of 'important' mails

Help the people I had decided to help,

Make the difference I was supposed to make,

And have I really?

Found all the friends that I was to find,

Met all the people I was to meet

Taught the children everything I could teach

Fulfilled promises I'd made and decided to keep,

Shouldn't I have by now?

Written the letters I had meant to write,

Attempted that free fall from a two seater flight,

Master the games I had wanted to learn,

The accolades are still left to be earned,

I was to change this world, in my humble way,

Enough leisurely evenings I haven't still spent,

Still not sat beside the sea at length,

Nor waded through enough rivers,

or planted trees or plucked wildflowers,

I have not yet grown veggies on my �organic' farm..

Had a million pets and my own 'abandoned animals' barn

Listened to music at my pace,

Spent enough time away from the rat race,

Fooled around with kids to my hearts content

Nor visited all my long separated friends,

Gazed at the moon, studied the stars

lived the life of a vagabond

There were so many dreams I had dreamt when young..

so many hopes, so much in the 'bucket list' to be done,

yet time goes on..

It slips like sand through my fingers, it doesn't understand

I try to make every moment count, do my best to jam in all I can..

No matter how much time god gives.. will it ever be enough to really live

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