Gay Fight Is Over

Freedom fight is over,
Found safe place as cover,
Dark clouds still hover,
So much bed blood spill over,

Basic rights enshrined in constitution,
Existed this before as institution,
May not find favour with society,
Love can be worshipped as deity,

Act of two willing adults,
Termed as new thing and cults,
Existed centuries before,
Recently in discussion and in fore,

It is bad act when exhibited in public,
Rights protected by nation or republic,
It has to be consensual and accommodating,
Now free at will for dating,

Will not go well with religion,
May not suit to many regions,
It is rule of land that upholds,
Move termed as wide and bold,

Will give boost to social fabric,
Nuisance in public to come to and end,
No reprisals or repercussions expected,
Individuality as whole recognized and respected,

May go in history as land mark judgment,
Rumors placed at rest and no bad movements,
It is rightful day for achievement,
Gays must celebrate day for enjoyment

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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