Finding The Way Home

He was born in the usual way.
Born innocent in the world and its ways.
Not knowing what was in store.
He did not know where he was going,
and didn't really care,
He just wanted the love of his mother.
Taught to care for the flesh
but also to care for the soul
The body taught to be strong in the world
Learned all the ways to sustain his being
in this world,
But also learning how to maintain the soul
Forever growing learning the way of the light
Able to know things visible and invisible
Learning of the love of the angels
And of the Father , the Son, and the Holy Ghost
And he learned of life eternal.
Then came the time to learn to fly
A plunge out of the nest
With a hope to soar high
Only to fall to the earth.A flutter here, a flutter there
But he just couldn't take to the air.
Then the serpent showed himself.
Tempting the soul, promising to help
him to fly.
But in his heart wanting to devour him
and to kill his soul.
The serpent lunged for him
and through the panic into the air he went.
Higher and higher, taking his place where
eagles belong
Finally spreading his wings, feeling the
power of God in him
Soaring to heights where eagles and angels
Turning to the east he was heading home
His eyes on the light ever soaring higher
Finally finding his home at
Heavens front door.
Now he is home with Jesus forever more.
No more sorrow, no more pain, no more worries
Just rejoicing and praising our Lord.

by Jerry Wenger

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