JCV (18 may 1990 / Aba, Abia stae)

Fine Boys

Look at them full of smiles,
Christmas is on their heads,
The glittering and glowing of their teeth
outshine the hidden shamed sun of the earth.
They are the beauty of the day decorated with
A clothed laughter that honours their lips to heavens.
Their embroided clothes make the sky spread out in joy.
In the curve of the edges of their spirits are the sweetened flavours of a greatly made pasture of life.
In the court of their hearts is the soul of the gods,
When they walk, the grasses make way for them to pass while the flowers butter their footsteps to greatness.
The mind of the king is in their care, the future of the
Queens are their past which had been cleansed.
Look at them walk passed the beautiful gate, they are the fine boys.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
Voice Of Vincent 2016

by john chizoba vincent

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