Finger Painting

Poem By Alison Cassidy

yellow dollops
on polished paper
chubby hands sunshine circles

scarlet red
slips through fingers
streaky sunsets autumn lights

little thumbs
press cobalt blue
purple dots and scary things

vivid green
mixed round and round
until the whole is yucky brown

Comments about Finger Painting

lol.............what an amusing son loves finger painting........and yeah sure...........i have loads of them too......well penned
So very adorable! Reminds me of a recent message from one of my grand-daughters - 'I luff you with oll my hart gramar.' And I have all those 'yucky brown' paintings, too. Wonderful stuff.......... Love, Fran xxx
A masterpiece, Alison... your fingers do fine work! Brian
Simplicity itself, captures the image of childhood and the childs imagination perfectly. Then the ultimate brown mess on the page. It reminded me of what my daughters used to bring home from cookery class. Unfortunately we always had to have it for dinner that evening. Still, we all survived. Colourful and charming work, Patrick xx
A Child draws and paints so beautifully, in the prospective that we should learn from so much truth and honesty in their perception, Amazing poem I LOVE IT Thankyou for sharing your art Love duncan X

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4,6 out of 5
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