LBR (Virgo. / Wisconsin)

Fingerprints (2009)

It took years for me to trust completely
But you see God in me
I used to be afraid to share personal stories
But I was admired
I trusted very few but had higher expectations
For the ones I had faith in
But I lived with blind faith
We had few moments in the living years
But the ones we had then made you
Even more important in my post-collegiate years
For it os very Christian to serve each other
For it is like a husband to place
His woman's needs before his own
That is why his soul can mend my heart
Because I still had his wrapped in mine
God reassembled the broken pieces into a whole
But when it was whole (God noticed another
Heart was bound to it with Duck Tape)
His fingerprints on both of us
As we emerged as a unit for years
To settle unfinished love
Beyond the Power of Death

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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