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Gregory Crockatt (October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)


we keep meeting each other again and again
setting up a place to share moments
momentos, tales of us from wayback when
our family, our friends, we know
we gotta let go ever since
we left our fingerprints
on glass and in lights
late nights togeether
dancing to a rhythm we all walk
its about time we align with our talk
toomuch discussion
not enough action
we lack traction
lets tie on
like lovers do our thing
just imagine dreams true, bring
effort into helping everything
progress and confess to be
blessed with family
blessed be a family

In the park we play
holding hands and hey
heyheyheyyya wayyy out
we sing and dance
each day away way out
in interstellar cosmic
spaced out, spaceboat
sailin spiritwaves

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