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Fingerprints (C) 6-25-09
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Fingerprints (C) 6-25-09

Fingerprints, your fingerprints and mine are different
My fingerprints are not the same as yours
Your fingerprints are different from mine
So that makes our finerprints unique
Your brothers fingerprints are different from yours
Your sisters fingerprints are different from yours too
You mother and father’s fingerprints are different from yours
So what’s the difference between your fingerprints and you
Your fingerprints don’t where the same pattern as others
Your fingerprints don’t leave the same mark as others
Your fingerprints are like a diamond in the sand
The lead singer in a band they’re different from every man
So why not you be, Why shouldn’t you be different from others
You twin sister you dad your mother of brothers
Your neighbor your best friend or your enemy
Because no matter who the person’s mind, speech, or physique
Your fingerprints will always and forever remain unique

My Quote: Fingerprints are forever unique, and the great things about them are they’re yours

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Comments (3)

'Your fingerprints are like a diamond in the sand' beautiful
:) that is so true! Im glad you wrote that! thats one message that needs to be continually said...
oh yes it's true...and they last for a long time... interesting write...thank you for sharing...