The Cookie Jar Adventure (Preschool)

Wakey-wakey from our beds,
thoughts of cookies in our heads.

Mom and Daddy's eyes are closed.
They are sleeping. They won't know.

Hurry-hurry, on the double,
if they wake, we'll be in trouble.

Blankies, pillows, on the floor.
Squeaky-squeaky goes the door.

Shhh, shhh, tippy-toe.
To the kitchen we will go.

Sneaky-sneaky down the hall,
bare feet creeping 'long the wall.

C'mon, Sissy, it's not far,
there it is, the cookie jar!

I can't reach it, I'm too small.
Get a chair to make us tall.

Shuffle-shuffle, scooty chair,
pushy-pushy, almost there.

Clinky-clinky goes the top,
hold it tight, or it will drop.

Giggle, giggle, tee-hee-hee,
two for you, and two for me.

Uh oh, Sissy, turn around...
Mom and Daddy. We've been found.

Peeky-peeky, Mom and dad,
are you angry? Are you mad?

Whisper-whisper, over there...
they want to know if we will share!

by C.J. Heck

Comments (5)

well done piece, I too liked the bruised pillow line, and the first line as well. very touching Trish
another powerful piece Jake, the line that got me was about the bruised pillow that is just sublime, there is real longing in this peice, yet it does not ask for pity nor sympathy, it just tells it as it is. The repeating of the last two lines also worked a treat, almost an echo of your thoughts........ great work Jake
If I could set this to a slow unfolding, Sinatra alone would do it justice.. or Nat King Cole.. and I'd be a proud man. Maybe cut the first line for impact, or transpose it to later...yeah, a proud man.
Hassleman....haunting and sexy at the same time. A very raw and lovely poem. xxxx Adrienne
Excellent poem. Nice to read about loss from a man's point of view. Too often we women think we're the only ones who feel the void. Warmest regards, CJ