We are like roses that have never bothered to
bloom when we should have bloomed and
it is as if
the sun has become disgusted with

by Charles Bukowski Click to read full poem

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A very short poem, obviously; but it makes the point that few of us fulfill our potential. We should have achieved more than we did.
oh for pete sake........10
part 4 Bukowski because of th
part 3 or the poem after that. I like B
my comment before it flips to the next poem or
part 2 I doubt that I will get to finish
This poem is flipping on and off so fast that
It is simple, yet deeply connected with life and time. Some people believe life is programmed, some not. The latter often get disturbed when they do not get something at the time when they want that. It's a wonderful poem. Thanks for posting. Chandan
With all the favorable conditions to help the rose, there's nothing that could impede its growth except misfortune. The picture portrayed in the poem is very close to life. Thanks.
This is so true. The sun gave up.
A meaningful and beautiful poem nicely executed.
Charles Bukowski...we know he was rough and tuff...! but deep down inside was a beautiful cleverness that showed through words like these... truly great.
Nature gets never bother in activeness and now we (human- part of nature) are habituated in all! /// great writings
It takes a genius to fit so much meaning into so little words - love it - so true. SG
Perhaps with a summer of patient sun, both roses would bloom. Perhaps transplanting them into a sunnier place would do the trick.