Fiona! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

On Mondays I don't rise with all guns blazing
my head needs oxygen and interphasing.
Anoxic from the Cabernet (which folks are praising)
I find Fiona calling both of us well.....aazing!

I ask what have we done to be so labelled,
are our cognition cells somewhat disabled?
Perhaps the neurites spliced and poorly cabled?
My quest to all of you is, hereby, tabled.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Mondays are never very good for the best of us - - even without the Cabernet - - but our dear Fiona - being loved by all, will no doubt have much better recall of the endearing term she used - - being sans alcohol herself.! ! ! good read albeit from a 'woolly' Monday morning pen! ! .....10 + + ++
I won't read the poems that you have written on Mondays...just kidding. I know too well that there are days...
provokative poem here Herbert woven with great poetic rhymes.10++++