TTO ( / Washington State)


Breathing in your-

Pre-polluted air-

While drowning in a sea of Heavy-Metal;
...I swallow

But it is the corrosive bite that burns-
...The Aorta

And ignites my vascular roadway;

Mapped across the inflamed soft tissues-

...And mucous membranes of my body;
...On route?

Trying desperately to bury my words
...Of August,2009?

This your plan? .........?
...'A slow kill? '

Post mortem: Autopsy-

Comes the ugly truth-it chills

Death from: Internal FIRE

...And drowning in: Quicksilvers

...Bitter Pill! ! !

From: ***The Attic Of My Heart

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Theo, Such passion! Recently I posted a poem 'All Right You Win'...which relates to opening up in our poetry...I think you are brave and wonderful to share such deep thoughts. I finally joined Starlite Cafe...My pen name is Cynthia and I have posted 1 poem, 'Rain'. Now that really is a fabulous site. I tried to go back to change to Dorothy...etc. but could not so Cynthia it is. Thank you for the push! Stay strong! A Poet Who Loves To Sing
Thank You Yoonooos. Blessings, Theo