The best has yet to come.
When it comes, I will let
you endure the sweet essence
of it all.

Your name will be in the center,
and it is what in extasty I will call.
Pressing my body against yours,
and fulfilling your fantasy.

You scream my name in constant harmony.
and together we enter pure and hungry
sexual testimony.

I climb your long staircase,
and hope your manhood exceeds
to my domain.
All I can seem to hear is you calling my name.

Your let your strong fingers up and down my spine.
letting ripples of fire crawl throughout my soul.
Fire, burns deep from with in.

Tears of extasy flow from the ducks of my eyes.
to me this day is like a natural high.
I look into your pretty gray streams,
and one day this will not be just a dream.

I yearn for your lips to meet mine.
in the next second i can let my tongue
dance lavishly up and down your spine.

like Fire i burn intensly and like snow,
I melt the and dissolve the contents of life.
I am hot and sweaty.

Together we can punish the world with our
great powers
My legs are spread, and indeed you
are well bred. You enter my love den.

An to you,
here is a kiss,
I gently press against your
deep cherry lips.

I long to be yours forever.
I long to hold you durning
stormy nights.

I want to awaken and look into
your eyes. See my shining sea.
see the man who is my almighty.

he is my Fire, he is my sweet heart.
he is my number 1 desire.

by Ashley Roseanne Pleasure

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