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I feel warm
The warmth of what, I dare not say
Hidden away inside of me
That's the warmth I feel

I understand you
Yet I hide from you
Yet your enemy is mine
I can feel you with no pain

I see you going up uniquely
Or is it just my imagination
Hiding what it wishes to see so badly
Maybe it is possibly both

Or not

I feel this flame
This flame that keeps me going
So rarely, do I ever wish it went out.
So rarely do I need to hide

My emotions tear through me at the sound of your name
For I feel you, I know you as you know me
Maybe this is just a phase
But I dare hope not
For every night I feel happiness in you
I feel the comfort and protection that I get so little of
For those on the street who tolerate me little,
Yet are constantly hoping I will join them
You protect me
You hide what I want
You guide my voice
You are the flame inside of me
The flame that will always be lit
For a girl like me is no match for the world out there

You're my fire
You are fire
The fire inside of me

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