Those heavy blue eyes trapped me in your every move
I recall such fiction in your truth
I tripped on straight and fell in you
In total awe of your lightning struck ingenious mind
Tricked by my emotions one more time
My cold heart anticipating your heavy sweet lies
That empty black stare glazed a hot flash of warning
your electric body struck mine
total shock or so called chaos
Your presence engulfing all good intentions
Your heavy touch oh such sweet lips alluring
You’re narcissistic vanity screwing me; doing me hard
Your tongue your mind devouring me
Covering me
Whipping me; defeating me
Shredding me in to your little pieces; digesting me
Sound familiar; like some cannibal in your stories
The lies you breed
I don’t believe you see
How you trapped me
Your arms, yes, they were gently holding me
Nestled snug between your disease
Affliction crawled up inside me
Eating me so graciously
Already hollowed me
Burnt me in your ring of FIRE
Weightless ashes leave no decay to set in
I keep gritting you in my teeth, still trying to wash you off of my skin
Tasting you; surrendering once again to you
As if I encouraged you
In my gutless pathetic way
Truly unaware of you
You silent depths cold and stone like solitude
Left me burning alone in your fire

by Natalie Michelle Prince

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