KM (Oct.1,1986 / Fairhope, Al)

Fire! ! !

Since my house burnt down in August of 2005,
It hasn't been the same for me,
We went there the other day,
I cried and cried,
Because I had lost everything,
The lightning hit it and knock a 4ft. hole in the roof,
And then poof it was gone,
I now look back on the memories,
And have a little tear,
'Cause the smell of it STILL lingers near,
I felt depressed and compelled,
To die,
But then the thought of my family came,
Although it will never be the same,
I am truly a survivor.

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Comments (3)

Kathryn...You surely are a survivor. I can't begin to imagine what you have been through, but please, stay tough! Barry is have those you love with you, and that's what counts. Hugs, dee
I responded with 'Fire Back! ' Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed (although, maybe not the right word) ... appreciated - - - what you wrote!
This is so personal, and I feel as if I am intruding on such a contemplation, very sad, very profound, but yet you are a survivor, now this in itself can show true strength and a way forward Love Duncan X