KM (Oct.1,1986 / Fairhope, Al)


Life is not a joke
Neither is it an incident
Or some Cosmic accident.
Life is not a drama
Nor the world a stage!
Each experience you face
Is a lesson taught by God
Each person you meet
Is a blessing sent by God.
Accept all experience, as
“All for good”
Accept all people, as
“All are good”
Gold and goodness both remain hidden
Only true efforts will bring them out!

by Angelina Pandian

Comments (3)

Kathryn...You surely are a survivor. I can't begin to imagine what you have been through, but please, stay tough! Barry is have those you love with you, and that's what counts. Hugs, dee
I responded with 'Fire Back! ' Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed (although, maybe not the right word) ... appreciated - - - what you wrote!
This is so personal, and I feel as if I am intruding on such a contemplation, very sad, very profound, but yet you are a survivor, now this in itself can show true strength and a way forward Love Duncan X