Fire Burns Down

like smoke in your eye
an uncontrollable cry
like an unsolved question
still asking why
like a broken wing
missing to fly

as ice melts
a fire burns down

like in the dark
a light cannot be found
in the silence
can not hear a sound
like a wanderer
drifting all around

as ice melts
fire burns down

like a grasp of answers
in your own illusion
like a self debate
only to return your confusion
like a paradox
with no solution

as ice melts
a fire burns down

like a day without light
what would be night
like an emotionless fight
who ends up right

like the cold has a bite
like closed eyes have stronger sight

as ice melts
a fire burns down
as sun sets
night becomes light

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Stunningly picturesque!
You are a true poet, my little Miss July Barfughnugen....shhhh.....your secret is safe with me.