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Fire & Ice

here you have fire,
and here you have ice.
they are both powerful,
but neither play nice.
one is cool,
one is hot.
one is durable,
one is not.
one is perferable,
against you they've fought.
both can kill you,
both can make you smile.
it all depends how much of one,
you have at one time.
too cold is deadly,
too hot is cursed.
if they tried to kill you,
it would have worked.
you always want one,
when you have the other.
your never satisfied,
with the weather.
hot or cold,
fire or ice.
it doesn't matter,
they don't play dice.
they can't work together,
they counteract eachother.
fire melts ice,
ice water puts out fire.
but no matter what,
they know the liars.
fire and ice,
wich one will you choose?
do you like it hot,
or are you the ice that can't lose?

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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great poem amazing job! ! ! keep it up