AM (July,1975 / Indiana, United States)

Monday Morning Snuggle And Kisses

Good morning sweet lady and let's
start this day in the best way there is
with snuggling, nuzzling, and sharing sweet kisses
that warm up our souls and help make
a Monday more tolerable by sharing our love
as we slowly wake up on this Monday morn.
Good morning my dear and let's snuggle with kisses
before we must get up and going.

I will be holding you all day today Kira
in a spiritual snuggle while holding your hand
and giving you kisses so big and grand.
Sweet Kira my love feel all of my loving warmth
and see my smile in your beautiful soul
and minds eye with my loving looks.
You'll never be alone I swear this to you
so before we have to get up let's
just snuggle and kiss for a bit.
It's Monday and we need an extra big boost to start.
What better way than to hold my sweet Kira
the woman I've loved since the beginning of time?
Not a thing my dear because you are divine.

Good morning my sweet precious Kira
and let's just stay under the covers for
a good while longer on this Monday before us
and just snuggle sharing sweet passionate kisses.
My darling dear I truly miss us and
just want to hold you for a long time
so let's share a snuggle on this Monday morning.
The perfect way to start any day is with your true lover,
I hope so soon everyday can be started with you
truly making the morning good
because if I am with my sweet Kira everything
will be good, bright, and totally better.
So a good morning to you my sweet Angel so good
I love you so deep and true and I want to share
sweet kisses and a warm snuggle with only you.

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Coming at us strong, so well said, Full of feeling love duncan X
This is really good Amy, is the blue eyed one a specific person? ? Séamus