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Fire In Ice
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Fire In Ice

Poem By Vidushi Khera

From underneath the frozen smile,
My heart melts to silently cry.
The burning emotions from the days
When these embers were all ablaze,
Now rekindled by the fire in your eyes,
They burn with revenge for all the times
Every eye coldly looked the other way.
Brutally wasted, they left me where I lay.
Slowly I could feel the chill in my spine
Spread more and more each and every time
The cold blind stares refused to see
The horror and pain they unleashed on me.
Had to learn to become fiercer than ice,
Colder than their coldest vice.
Had to learn to welcome with frozen smiles
All those I met as I walked the miles.
Not many bothered to stop and hold,
To seek the fire beyond the wall ice-cold.
Those who cared to stay found their place
In my heart and it’s warm embrace.
The glow of embers behind the icy wall
Beckons you as it shouts it's call,
“Break the Wall! ” it pleads to your glowing gaze
Come into my world; make your place to stay.

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