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Fire In The Heaven
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Fire In The Heaven

The gentle breeze
A cooling effect
Walked down the lonely streets alone
A step at a time

Looked around me
The world darkens
The emptiness in my heart yearns
For warmth and love

The night finally descends
Another day gone
My friends and family used to live like a burning fire in my heart
So warm so comfortable

But where are they now?
While I stay tortured in this cruel world and the fire slowly quench
They are somewhere up there in the sky
Watching over me trying to make me feel blessed

But I have had enough
An old man like me
Bullied and cursed everywhere
Who treats me well anymore?

An old man with nowhere to go
So dirty and smelly
So cold and hungry
So lonely and painful

The loneliness bites me like the bitter wind
So painful and mercilessly
1 question remains in my head

Something shiny caught my eye
Something in the bin
YES! That is the only solution
This will end it all…

I will experience the warm sensation once again!
I will go to a place where loneliness is nothing more than a myth
I will meet my family and friends once again!
The fire in my heart will burn once more!

I took it…smiling
I’m going to a place where the fires will warm my cold body
I cut my throat
Blood trickles down
I smiled
I’m going to heaven
Then blackness…

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