CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Fire In The Sky

I lie in the bath, not saying a word, not thinking, just laying
My skin smells like nougat
I looked at my toes, and the scars on my feet
The water comes just under my chin
I look at the candles burning, shadows dancing on the blue wall
The wind hisses and whistles outside
I hear doors banging, leaves blowing
I hear chimes, angry, loud
See lightening, it hits hard, it's fire in the sky
I'm getting cold and my skin still smells like nougat
I get out
My wet falls like snakes to my waist
And I look at my scars on my feet that are going purple from the cold

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Awh, I like this, your very descriptive in your works: -) Very talented, i look forward to seeing much more!