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Fire Of Love.
PW Phil Whittaker (27/04/1990 / Birmingham)

Fire Of Love.

I would give you the universe and all its swirls of mystery,
capture up the planets and all that vast majestic beauty,
but they are nothing i can afford, being a poor man, me,
instead all i can give is my battered and bloody heart of love,
i hope that all i can give is enough,
to satisfy the fire in your eyes, the furnace in your heart,
becuase without your burning flame so bright,
I will be alone, in the cold dark night.

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Comments (3)

lovely phil...this is really good...keep it up
Hey, i think the last line should be 'I would be....' not 'will', seeing as it would only happen if she did leave u.................anyway, this is an amazing poem otherwise :)
Awesome and deep stuff, Phil. What a lucky girl- you wouldn't need to get her all the stars and planets she'd have you! Keep up the good work- I'm luvvin it! Luv ya, :) xXxXx