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I Am...
TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

I Am...

Poem By Linda Neill Poet Digter

Fire on your finger,
Fire in your eye,
Fire in your spirit,
Fire that won’t die.

Fire in the bare bones of being,
Fire to uphold what’s right,
Fire in the heart of darkness,
Fire to fuel Love’s light.

Fire to burn but not consume,
Fire to learn and not assume,
Fire to live and give living room,
Fire to love and sing her tune.

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Comments (4)

Ellen talked about this poem just now in our lessons and we didn't believe her, but now, we're so touched about this poem that we think about making our next topic
i like your poem but you should do some bits that dont ryme and maybe start a line without fire.well done
I like how fire begins each line, its a nice poem, maybe a little work could make it sound more sofisticated but other than that its lovely.9
very awsome -Brie