Fire: The Element Of Passion

Poem By Michael Chambon

It is
The cause of resurrection
The weapon of choice of any arsonist
The tool of chefs
The eternal purifier
The deity of hunger
The heat of homes
The originator of cooking
The miracle of reforestation,

The glowing embers are emanating glorious heat
Sluggishly eating the dormant fuel
Providing warmth and light for spooky tales
The blazing tentacles are licking the air repetitively
Smelting the marshmallows of the happy campers,

It is
The delicate yet destructive force of nature
The catalyst between life and death
The decisive tactic of war
The symbol of power
The indiscriminate destroyer
The son a spark
The father of ash
The cry before execution,

The ancient oaks are crackling
The youthful pines are combusting
The dwarfish shrubs are baking
Suddenly men enter the woodland with great hoses
The fiery rampage is finally subdued
The scorched land will eventually be repopulated,

It is
The mark of burning passion
The punisher of trash
The reason for tears
The saint in the arctic
The devil of the urban
The reminder to have limits
The projector of light
The source of black clouds
The representation of life
The enemy of wood
The friend of all.

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