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Fired With The Fulsome Follies...

Fired with the fulsome follies of Youth,
with a mother quoting rules, a father preaching truth,
I found life a farce responsibility too heavy to bear,
So I thought to escape where we were taught to care;
Where rogues and rascals were in rapture;
Where tongues and morals with mincing malice stroue,
Lashing love like a horse unwilling to move.
Some hold we were born to win,
But I did claim my dalliance no great sin.
My gluttonous acts would come out find in the end:
Thus life went; ''til one girl OD'd from free-love almost!
Then I felt my faults and sought something to blame.
I sought far and wide in distant realms
until I came upon a suitable name.
Some say God but others claim compassion;
but I call it Understanding with Emotion:
It's the eternal sweet lotion
no snake salesman can sell;
It's wisdom few books will tell;
It's the joy of knowing
Which way the wind is blowing,
It's the strength found in a thousand saints,
Hearts that have suffered realities feints,
And it is the virtue of magnanimity.
Found in a dark corner, brought into sublimity

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