We are fireflies in a vermilion sky
Shining at twilight
Flashing frantically
Perhaps attracting momentary notice
From strangers who glow on grander stages.

But we are more than our tiny lights.
We remain in flight throughout the night
Deep in the valleys of our own emotions
Even when no one is present to witness our signals.

We exist within the limitations of time and space
But our potential to create is infinite if we kindle it.
So blink, if you think you can compete with the stars.
I will conserve my energy for more important things.

I will listen to the crickets.
I will dance with the honeybees.
I will tunnel with the ants.
And maybe, I will discover what drives us all.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

Comments (1)

This poem interests me, Suzanne, because I've thought about these things myself. Considering that in these bodies we're all inside time which passes, I think we're all fireflies. We're told the stars themselves—or the twinkling we experience of them—are memories millions of light years old. With you I'll listen to crickets in whom I might glimpse what is outside time—besides all they do for me in time. -Glen