! In The Spirit Of Rumi: 56: The Possibility Of Happiness

If a wise man can be happy,
then happiness must be possible.

If a simple man can be happy,
then happiness is possible.

If a happy man can be wise,
then wisdom is possible.

If a wise man can be simple,
then happiness is possible.

How light the clouds,
how blue the sky, today!

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (92)

This is beautiful. You say it is free verse, which usually doesn't rhyme, but the rhyme of lines three and five is terrific.
life is active between falling and rising re-falling and re-rising......./// beautiful poem
I love the imagery in your poem Susan.
The whole world is ruining when love dies. Honesty is a virtue.
Lovely imagery fostering a profound insight. Elegant work, Susan!
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