TF (may 28 1993 / florida)

Firefly Meets Lilly

A powerful dream
Sends me into a slumber
Laying in wait as you appear
In my dream once again

A daybed in a firefly night
As mist flows through me
Such a sweet scent fills the air
Wrapping around me like the slip I wear

I know your there
The lilies tell me so
They say my scent attracts you
Like they attract the fireflies

So why do you hide in the shadows of the mist?
I asked the moon for a clear sight
But instead he said to dance and you will come
So I dance twirling in the grass of lilies

With my eyes close I feel your arm slip around my waist
And a light moves around me, the glow so warm
We stand there as if time has stop
Not ever wanting to move

You laid me down saying sweet words
You say “goodnight my Lilly”
And I say “goodnight my firefly”
Knowing this is just a dream

“Why can’t I see your face, ” I whispered.
But I know his answer for someday I will
Out of this wonderful dream
For he is my firefly
And me his Lilly

by tierra fisher

Comments (2)

Very girly and sweet fantasy, , keep writing a 10
wow! this poem was very deep as you try to see your perfect love. It was touching 10/10 keep this going your friend Compton