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Firelight In The Darkness
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Firelight In The Darkness

Poem By Kaspa Richards

I’ve been repeatedly battered and bruised by life
But here I stand as a man refusing to fight
For justifying you and proving you right
Was lost for you when u blindfolded me tight

So over the years I began to loose my sight
As the fire inside of me burns o so bright
And in my firelight ill set ablaze the night
Turning your bark in the dark into an amusing fright
And the glow from my flames will shine my light
On all dark shadows that use to hide my plight

Your weakness was your weapon that u used to fight with
Growing strong in your darkness I smartly kept tight lipped
Deceit and a drink helped u choose the right whip
To hit me with but I grew smart quick

I know in your soul that u just hated it
I grabbed a hook and sum line and I baited it
I cast into the shadows all I could do was wait and sit

Till u finally fell for the trick and took the hook
Caught at your own game by a man you thought u had took
Into your web of shadows but with all the crooks
I observed and I learned what doesn’t come from books

So I took my chance and let loose my plan
To hit u were it hurts
And let u see the rise of what you thought was a broken man

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