MS (08/22/1991 / Houston)

Fireworks (2014)

My mouth is zip shut.

My eyes are stitch close.

My ears are cover with thee hands.

While my emotions have a life sentence.

My thoughts no longer images the destiny but the destination.

My love is at a stand still.

I can't accept abuse as three letter words.

My skin is pilling.

Unanswered questions, now my vision is blurry..

The venom is continuously flowing up my heart

making the willingness afraid to feel freedom

The spark is dying.

I'm suffocating.

Where's the good smell of life?

Or do I have to relocate to smell it at its best?

Should I put my best foot forward?

Or will I place my foot on a sharp nail?

The poison spreads like a burn fire, but my

blood still erupts forever for her because

Her spirit holds the cure to my insanity.

True Luv

~ Milton Styner Jr

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Rudyard Kipling


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