NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

First And Last Love Poem.....

And now the time has come my love
To end this wretched war of change
To cut these restricting choking reigns
To say the words enough is enough.

A feeling that killed a thousand poets
As it poisened their thoughts and pen.
Time now to lower the flag on the turrets
If there is no peace then why pretend.

I shall miss you like a ciggarete
For you damage me yet I need you so
Your taste, and smell I shall not forget
But now your smoke I must blow.

This bed shall beg for your return
This heart shall harden for a while
But I shall remember and I shall learn
That peace cannot be found in denial.

by Not Long Left

Comments (2)

Love and cigarettes! I enjoyed how you pulled that off - kudos!
This poem is extremely well written! Vincent, you are shining very bright right now! Excellent! A perfect 10.