The Nightmare You Caused.......

As i lay here covered in blood
clingng to this long over-due life
reading the words you left carved unto my body
the room in state of chaos
holding back the tears i have
as i blankly watch you leave the room
wanting desperately to call out to you for help
knowing that youd just cry n walk away
just to be with him

As i clutch the wounds you left
screaming out in agany
as if you dumped an entire bag of salt on me
cursing the day that came to be
the final day of my misery
as i watch you walk out forever

As i slowly lay hear cunting down the minutes
until i die
knowing how much i cared for you
and never bothering to conider whether
or not you even cared for me in the slightest
with my final breathe creeping ever closer
hoping, wishing that you'll walk back in through that door

As that final breathe leaves and everything begins to get dark
the last thing i'll ever see is the sigt of your face leaning over my limp and broken body
screaming from the pain that you caused yourself
by doing the deed of slicing every main artery before thrusting the bloody knife into my chest all the way to the hilt and never batting an eye
And then i awaken to the thunder storm raging outside while drinking my coffee

by Zackory Kzeminski

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