I Will Always Remember

M-ake Saturday lovely,
E-arly in the morning light;
D-ecember seventeenth
I-s replacing Friday night.
L-et the red beacon bathe
Y-our soul and your heart;
N-ew dawn has broken, as twilight and dusk depart.

C-old chill and raindrops
A-re starting to vanish;
R-ise of the sun begins,
A-s the shadows diminish.
N-ever let your mind think
A-bout the vile weather;
Y-our birthday has come, I will always remember.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

Comments (4)

i like it a lot i think he is a really good poet
Funny. Grain of truth.
What Mr. Nash was unable to consider when writing this poem is the utter horror the medical profession strikes into women having a second (or first, or any) child after the age of 35. That's the magic number at which everything that worked quite well before supposedly mutates into genetic disorders waiting to occur. I have more worry about my second child coming out OK because I'm 36 now and will be 37 when I give birth to him/her, whereas I had my first at age 33. But it's still a funny poem, and I hope I'm somewhere near as laid-back as the family in this poem was when they welcomed their second.
A little harsh on the Second, but probably basically true! !