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First Dance Of Love
JG James Greene (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

First Dance Of Love

The music's so loud and people dancing all around,
She stands across the floor, I need to ask her to dance.
Her eyes are a glow with the festive sound.
'My lady, would you do me the honor by chance? '

Oh my Gosh! He's asking me to dance,
I've had a crush on him, now's my big chance.
I must not get flustered, got to keep my cool,
If I am not careful, I'll come out looking like a fool.

Her hands soft and delicate, as they lay gently in mine.
My heart is beating so fast, she is like a fine wine.
We move as one gliding across the floor.
'You dance divinely, I think more dancing is in store.'

Oh my! dancing with this dreamy guy is just like being in heaven,
If I ever felt like I was in such a trance, I don't remember when.
Twirling me around this floor; Oh he is so handsome and strong,
Yes, yes, yes more dancing would be great, could this be our song.

The evening is coming to an end, I hope it goes well.
This lovely creature has me under her spell.
Will go careful as not to give her a fright.
'Lovely lady may I escort you home this fine night? '

Wow! This whole night has been a dream come true,
Yes I would love to be escorted home by you.
Lets walk through the park under the stars and moonlight,
Maybe he will take me in his arms and kiss me goodnight.

As I look down into her deep brown eyes I feel drawn in.
I lean down and we kiss, I am swirling with passion.
Pulling back and gaining control, I can't let more begin.
'My lady I will be calling soon, as you've my attention.'

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