First Date

He asked me out on our first date
The excitement was intense
As we faced each other in the car
He seemed a little tense.

I think I made him nervous
He had a silly grin
His leg was shaking just a bit
I got beneath his skin.

I couldn't see why he would be
So anxious with me there
I sidled up against him
And fondled with his hair.

His breathing it was shallow
Some sweat dripped from his brow
My hand ran up his leg a little
I think I heard him growl.

It was so good to see him
I thought he would be too
But his pulse it was a racin'
I think he's got the flu!

I put my arms around him
And pressed myself up close
Just to give him comfort
But he's almost comatose!

His breathing's coming heavy
I'd better call the doc
When I massaged both his shoulders
His heart it nearly stopped.

I kissed him on the cheek
And told him he'd be fine
I pressed his head against my breast
His knees did double time.

It didn't matter what I did
To try to make him better
I stroked, I kissed, I fondled
He just got hotter and hotter.

Well as I tended for him
And tried to quell his fire
The doc said not to worry
It's a thing that's called desire.

by mandy faye

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