JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

First Date Nightmare

I know men are supposed to ask the girl out.
Would it be so bad if I asked him?
Maybe it'd scare him, maybe I should wait,
No I'm going to ask him out and see.
'Hello, I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date? '

Did I hear that right; a date with me tonight? ,
Hmm, what to do, as I look her up and down.
I notice that she is shy and full of fright,
Wow, my smile soon turns into a frown.

Geeze, it's a simple question, yes or no will do.
Stupid idea anyway, I'd have to buy something new.
Oh! Then do my hair and put make up on my face,
How in heck did I ever consider going out with you.

Whoa! Wait just a minute there you, little girlie,
You caught me by surprise and your now being silly.
Of course I'd love to go out on a date with you,
Tomorrow night I'll pick you up, so what shall we do.

What to wear, what to wear, nothing seems right.
The black is much to formal, the red's way to bright.
Maybe the baby blue; no that won't work.
Shoot! I hear him coming now, he's early, what a jerk.

Well hi there little girl, your date is here.
My car's outside and ready, lets get in gear.
We're going to a place called Dragon Pete's,
They got music and drinks and really good eats.

This is where you bring me on a first date?
You show up early, treat me like I'm late.
To bring me to a barn, where it's old and stinks.
You pompous jerk, and me in my pinks.

Hey what's your problem little girl your just so rude,
Just shut your smart mouth and finish your food.
You ask me out and I do you a great big favor,
You think your little miss priss but you've such poor behavior.

Don't worry about the first date, it is now the last.
Eat the food yourself, I'll be out of here fast.
Good night cocky, conceited jerk, You ain't worth a dime.
Last time I ask anyone out on a date, what a waste of time.

(Written by; James R. Greene
and Doreen Cyr (Doc_Dyr)/March 21 2007)

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Rudyard Kipling


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