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First Encounter - Young Maggie Cheung

young maggie cheung
putting her at ease
the paparazzi and fans

Maggie Cheung was a young star when she came to Kuala Lumpur to promote one of her slaptick movies with Jackie Chan 20 years ago.
I felt back then, the Press and fans were those who put her at ease.
Of course, now that she is a much accomplished international star she has taken on a more sophisticated personality. She has learnt to avoid the press nowadays preferring to spend time travelling around the world especially Paris.

The below lifted from Wikipedia:

On 7 February 2007, The New York Times rated aggie Cheung as one of the 22 Great Performers in 2006 for her Cannes winning role Emily in Clean. After 25 years of making movies, Cheung is deciding to retire from acting and pursue a career as a film composer. She allows that there might be room for an occasional comedic role, but she would like to paint and compose music, after fulfilling her acting potential.

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