First Hunt

a wolf runs through the trees
wind nipping at his heels
pushing him further and further
away fro home
towards his prey

breath comes out in shallow pants
as he races after the buck
chasing it towards his brothers and sister
a dance as old as time
the prey and the hunter

the trees try to pull him back
scratching at his fur
trying to make him slow down
giving the buck a chance to escape
back to its family

the wolf ignores the scratching
focusing on the smell of fear
the sound of twigs snapping
as the buck runs further more
mind clouded by instinct

and as the buck draws closer
to the hunters hiding in the shadows
it starts to lose ground
adrenalin running out
allowing the wolf to catch up

but the wolf does not need to catch up
muscles strong from the years
years of running after brothers
in an endless game of chase
and hunting after lemmings hiding in the shadows

the buck stops
blocked by a wall of thorns
the wolf pounces
teeth and claws digging in
drawing out blood

the buck rears throwing the wolf off
he lands in the thorns
yelping loudly as they did in deeper
his family comes out
helping in the hunt

one snaps a leg
the buck falls over
antlers and feet swinging wildly
another wolf clamps down on its neck
killing it as it snaps

the wolves howl in euphoria
a perfect melody filling the air
the hunt was a success
the pups will feed tonight
sleeping deep slumbers

the wolf has passed his first hunt
he smiles widely
teeth stained red with blood
it drips from his fangs
staining his fur

the alpha feeds first
followed by his mate
then the older wolves
the wolf will eat with the pups
after dragging the carcass back

he eats slowly
savoring the taste
after, he falls asleep
dreaming of the next hunt
finally a part of the pack

by gemma cadd

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