First In Life

Poem By (c) Colorofsky

First in life as the rain that falls.
Enlightenment comes as the falling rain.
Raindrops bouncing, flowing
alongside the worn dirt lane,
to the streams, rivers go.

First in life as the rain that falls.
The sight of it comes, keeps falling, falling.
Frozen flakes, the droplets come,
keep coming, coming,
as summer storms, hail, winter ice, snow.

Like a whirling, twirling question curling.
Around all essence it does wreath.
From where hence does this rain come,
that comes falling down,
that makes Earth alive and breathe.

Is it where it comes from where it goes?
Back up to that collage of white on blue?
Or, is it the sea? Down to the sea flows its secrets.
Its eternal circles of truth.

Simplistic, mystic, like Spirit so realistic.
Levels of energy being bestowed
through science, glimpsed through art.
Sensitive souls that reach for,
seek, then see life's circles,
will see the way of love and heart.

First in life as the rain that falls.
Enlightenment comes falling, falling.
Beads transparent, translucent, nature calling
for some answer, for a reply.

First in life as the rain that falls.
Enlightenment comes as the falling rain.
Drenching, giving life, forests, living fields of grain.
All is hallowed, holy that gives of life.

First in Life, as the Rain that Falls...

''It is the greater humility, that leads to the greater power...''

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