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First Kiss
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First Kiss

Poem By John Roche

He dances with his shadow like a youthful Fred Astaire,
such symbiotic harmony, they make a perfect pair.
No footfalls can be heard around about them as they move,
through empty evening streets, they waltz to beats of true love's groove.

They float upon a vapour trail which carries them aloft
on mem'ries of the sweetest touch of tender lips, so soft.
He laughs at shadow's antics as his mind's consumed with bliss
and the treasure she bestowed him with that magical first kiss.

A moment that he carries even to this very day,
Though many years have pass'd them by, they both still feel that way.
The passion that ignited in the fuel of youthful lust,
became so much more to them, through their love, respect and trust.

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