First Kiss

Blind dates were not the norm for you, yet it worked out that way...
So I dressed up in all things new in hopes I looked O.K.
And so it was that we first met, shook hands, all smiles and grins
Still asking what the Fates had set as our blind date begins...

The restaurant turned out first class - our meal was well prepared.
Your finger paused, caressed your glass... I wondered if you cared.
You laughed at jokes made up in haste and ate contentedly...
The wine was excellent to taste and mellowed just like me...

I walked you home beneath the stars that twinkled like your eyes -
In time we knew this date would pass though it had been so nice!
Outside your door I shook your hand yet sighed so sad to part!
I prayed that you could understand the hopes within my heart!

You turned to go, my heart stood still - I breathed not in or out!
Then you turned back! We shared the thrill and kissed away all doubt!
Thus love was born, made manifest... acknowledged by our lips
And by the way we felt so blessed - hearts, toes and fingertips!

When I walked home I walked on air! My mind still in a dream!
I thought you were beyond compare - we're now a kissing team!
From that first kiss we've seen love grow to blossom like the rose...
God gave us light then watched it glow, recorded now in prose...

by Denis Martindale

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