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First Look Within

First Look Within

Poem By Vijaiya Ramkissoon

The deeds of others
I most often criticise,
I judge, I accuse
And so many i despise..

I havent taken the time
To mend my ways
Yet i am intent on
Receving undeserving praise..

I look with disgust
At the words of my brother,
Ignorant to the fact
That today, i cursed another.

I point my finger
Always laying blame
Then i find faults in others
When they do the same..

I must use a moment
For self examination
And before i judge,
Think about my every action..

I must live within His Laws
Striving to do right,
And never allow others' wrongdoings
In my sight.........

For if there is to be change,
It must start with Me....
I must live that change
i wish to see.........

Bless! !

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Comments (3)

a poetry with profound thought! so much to learn from these lines here
the deed when introspective the inner soul opens its vioce as it whispers to turn to the right yet put a smile to the accused even with blemishes...............wonderful swaying of life by the imagery when lucid and ingenious, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing
this convicted me. i'm not always an angel. rightly written.