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First Love

First Love

To: Chris B, my love, my dear friend

I met my first love, just before high school
He was a senior, cute and yes, he was cool
He escorted me to every class
Other girls envied me, peering through the glass
His grades proved he was smart
His actions, showed he had heart
He advanced quicker than others and graduated mid-term
I was in love, I felt no concern
Then one day he met me after school
He walked me home
This was nothing new
He told me I was young just beginning my life
I should be free to date others
And have a normal high school life.
The pain was deep,
I couldn’t help but weep
I said nothing as I
Walked away and up my street
I’ll never forget as I turned into my drive
the vision of him, the pain I felt inside
his eyes followed me home
and I could feel his hurt,
I knew he loved me, he wasn’t a jerk.

As the years went by our paths intertwined
Both of us feeling the pain of love defined

He is married now, for twenty five years
has God, a good son, but still he sheds tears.
The road he traveled was rough and unpaved
But Glory be to God he found Christ he is saved.
Myself, I am single, I too have a good son
But my heart still aches, for that certain someone
We meet again now, it’s been so many years
Still feeling the love, the pain and the tears
We question ourselves, did we climb the wrong hill
We give it to God and call it Gods will

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