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First Love
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First Love

Poem By Amanda Lukas

It was as comfortable as a worn set of flannel sheets.
He was my shelter,
a tin roof without a leak.
I was so content and cool
waking up in his strong arms.
And I admit not being able to resist
my tender lover's charms.
I'd gaze at him
in loving awe.
I couldn't help but
look right past
each freckle,
every flaw.

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Comments (5)

Great poem...I remember my first love........Ah memories. Anyway great poem Amanda, Take care, Jay x
Very good! ! Ya! ! I remember my 'first love' I can so relate Sydne
What a charming and thought provoking poem, thank you.
it is true.. in your first love you can not sense his flaws, you think he is perfect! great work! HBH
Good use of rhyme to lead the poem on. Lovely images.