First Love

Oh, to feel like that young man, the first time in love!
He strides with firm stops, head above the fleecy clouds,
Winged feet on air, soulful eyes visioning the panorama,
Of countless starry galaxies, that swiftly move,
In an eternity of endless space, enshrouding
His mind, with these fantastic phenomena!

Oh, to thrill like that young man, heat aflame,
Throbbing to love's grand symphony, a divine melody
Of life's vivid color and wondrous spectacle,
That fills his every nerve and fiber, and acclaims
The presence of his immortal Soul, with his body,
That guides his every thought, act, and deed!

Oh, to exult as that young man, so happily in love!
His path, the miraculous and wondrous Milky Way!
He scans the heavens, and knows that life's monotone,
Will become an orchestral serenade; the blessed day,
His dream of love, is at last fulfilled.

But only true love can survive life's trials and tribulations,
For a lifetime of togetherness, and sensational revelation!

by Joseph Katz

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