Evening Note 93

Good evening my sweet Angel dove
and I would have written sooner
but after lunch my headache returned
and I was forced to lay down,
now it still lingers a bit and I feel
worn out from its pounding all day,
I wanted to write though and say
I love you babe and wish you were here
to lay beside me and I ask so nicely
if you would gently rub my face and head,
then look into your sparkling eyes
and kiss you to see you smile so big.
I miss you sweet lady because you are so rad.

I will try to get up for a bit this evening
and do a little bit of something
and if my head isn't killing me
I promise for sure that I will write you,
I may not write as much as of late
but I like to write for you
because you are my Angel, my Kira,
my best friend and everything,
I wish I could be holding you
right now rather it be here or right there with you,
either place would be fine as long
as I'm with my Queen Angel so divine.
I love you my lady and want forever
to be right by your side holding your hand.

So my sweet love I'm sending you
endless huge hugs and the sweetest of kisses
filled with all of my warmth and love,
remember that I'll never leave you
and am right here if you need me
no matter what and no matter when,
you are my lady and I love and care about you to no end.
You are a diamond I do deeply
treasure and cherish and I can't get enough
of everything that makes you so special,
I'll forever be with you supporting you fully
so feel as I take your sweet hand and pull you in tightly.
I am your Michael and love only you
my most cherished Angel and I want to spend
eternity with you making you so proud and happy,
I want to bask in the glow of your beauty
and smile forever and ever.

by Michael P. McParland

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