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First Love Never Dies

I still remember those days
How crazy I was with my first love
He was smart, tall and handsome
I loved everything about him;

Love blinded me
Believing that he would be mine forever
I’ve given everything to him…including myself;

I thought he loves me the way I do,
But one day he dumped me
And our relationship ended,
I was devastated
My heart was totally wrecked
I didn’t know where to find myself
I didn’t know where to go
I cried so loud
I smoked and drunk…I got sick
I’ve wanted to end my life and the unbearable pain;

Time passed by and I’m still holding on
Waiting for him to come back
It’s so hard to let go
It’s so hard to believe that it’s over between us
It’s so hard to believe that I’ve lost him;

As days goes by
My wound has healed
I’ve learnt to let go
I’ve found my true love
And yet I can still feel that old feeling somewhere in my heart.

It’s true “First Love Never Dies”

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A really nice poem Anjana
You have such a great way of putting to words things most of us have either felt or thought at one time or another. Very nice. I'm catching up on some reading and I'm enjoying yours so much! Sincerely, Mary
Tragically true. A fine read.
wow..yah i can imagine someone being sick over first love..i love this poem alot..keep yah