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First Man And Miranda

The stories of the bible that you know are
not true tales of what really once occurred.
According to the holy book of Zohar,
when God told Man he grievously had erred
and therefore should prepare to leave the garden,
He was most saddened when He heard Man say:
“Now wait a minute, God, I beg your pardon:
it’s You who’ll have to leave––I’m going to stay! ”
He hope that with a technicality
he might get off, as often happens now
to people of the highest quality
who do the sort of things laws don’t allow,
but God had read Man his Miranda rights
and followed all the details of the book
He gave to Moses after forty nights
and days, and proved that Adam was a crook.
It’s very clear the two of them were forced
to part and go off on their separate journeys,
but not quite clear if this means they divorced,
and whether either ever used attorneys.


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This has brought a nice little giggle to my Friday morning, Gersh. Thanks. Love, Gina.