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First Night

How I shiver tonight!
Thinking how you would come in my bed
And embrace me
Hiding me within your wide chest
And how I shall struggle...

How I fear!
I had never feared you so;
When I imagine your hands shuffling my hair
And touching my forehead
Down my nose and lips
And the dent of my throat
Which shall soon run into my chest
Messaging my ribs
Smoothing my spasmatic back...

My throat becomes dry to think of these...

Your hands on every part of me
Like an inconsistent canopy
My hands numb and effortless
My eyes closed in fear and shyness
My lips trembling like
An infant
Smiling in dreams...

We made one...!

I can't think any more...


The door unlocked
You came in
And silently filed into the bed
Not even glancing at me
In my wedding garb
And closed your eyes
My fears were allayed
Cold and blunt I took my place by you
Assured, that you would not glance back even for a while


But when I woke up in the morning -
My clothes were off.

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